what this

DeltaYeet.net houses a small coterie of bots that love space. Well, space data. WELL, they process space-related data, but that’s a form of love, right?

I originally wrote these to make my own life easier so I wouldn’t have to keep refreshing webpages or talking to people. Today, I somehow find myself talking to more people than ever as a result of this work so I guess that effort backfired spectacularly.

the bots

The SpaceBots of deltaYeet post to Twitter, Facebook, and some Discords.

  • BocaRoad alerts when the Cameron County, TX website posts new road closure info. It also makes an internet calendar for iPhones/Androids/Smart Refrigerators to monitor
  • SpaceCareers is a job finding service for people interested in aerospace careers. It monitors a few dozen space companies and alerts when jobs have been posted and also when those positions have been filled. I’ll expand this sometime soon to be more easily queryable to anyone interested
  • SpaceTFRs watches for airspace closures related to rocket launches and landings
  • FCC Space keeps track of radio licenses related to spacecraft and posts notices about them
  • Starbase Pulse generates daily timelapses of activity in Boca Chica, TX from NASA Spaceflight‘s Starbase Live camera feed.
  • SpaceCoastPulse does the same except for their Space Coast camera feed.
  • NASA Procurement monitors NASA contract awards and requests for proposals

If you would like to help keep the bots fed and clothed, please consider sending a couple spesos their way via the deltaYeet Patreon. For just pennies a day, you can change a space bot’s life. For enough pennies a day, you can also get API access to the data the bots are collecting for the feeds above.

who am me

My name is Ben Hallert (@Chairboy on Twitter, @thunderscreech@spacey.space on Mastodon). I’ve worked in aerospace and IT for a quarter century. I’ve worked on the US space shuttle program, currently serve on the Board of Directors for a non-profit, and build tools used to help folks pursue their passions and projects.

I’m a pilot who is almost as good at making things as I am at breaking them, and once in a while I’m a writer but I’ve got a lot of caring folks trying to help me get past that.