Space TFRs

This bot monitors the Federal Aviation Administration’s Temporary Flight Restriction system for new TFRs related to ‘SPACE OPERATIONS’. It makes guesses based on the location about whether it’s for things like a SpaceX Starship prototype flight, Starship ground operations, orbital launch out of Florida, capsule recovery from orbit, amateur rocketry, and more. It will also attempt to correlate locations and times with known launches using the API and incorporate those into the message before rendering a map of the TFR along with a list of timezone adjusted values for the opening and closing of the TFR window.

It posts the final products to:

SpaceTFRs also monitors the 45th Space Wing’s weather office for launch forecasts and appends them to applicable TFR tweets when able. “Stay in your lane, TFR bot!” “I can’t! I mean, beep boop!”