Boca Chica Road Closures

This bot monitors the Cameron County website for road closure announcements. When there’s a change, it attempts to use optical character recognition (OCR) to read parts of the fax sent in ruling on closures of Highway 4 and the Boca Chica State Park beaches by the honorable Eddie Trevino, Jr (Cameron County Judge) to determine if the closure is related to a flight attempt or not. If specific details are available (such as a listed explicit purpose like ‘SN8 flight’) then it’ll incorporate that into its message as well. When able, it will render an image with dates and any available details or notes to go along with the text and then post it to:

It also generates a calendar you can subscribe to for putting road closures into your phone. In iOS, go to Settings:Calendar:Accounts:Add Account:Other:Add Subscribed Calendar and type then Next your way to a new life full of road closures inside your phone’s calendar. On Android, the process is presumably similar except maybe there’s more swearing.